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About xine-vdpau

This is the xine-vdpau development tree initiated by Christophe Thommeret and Julian Scheel. It so far includes support for nVidia VDPAU with MPEG1/2, H264 and preliminary VC-1.
You may want to join the irc channel #xine-vdpau on freenode. Devs will hang out there and be thankful for bugreports.
Also there is a mailing list:
To get a quickstart you should have a look here: README-VDPAU
Reinhard Nissl provides patches against xine-lib-1.2 development tree, which might be handy for some VDR users. You can find them here:
More stuff can be found at
Due to some chinese bots which killed our servers by loading all mkv samples in 30 sec intervalls we had to lock the samples directory ( with a login. If you want to try some of the samples or have a broken sample join our IRC channel, we will give you information on how to down-/upload it.
Have fun!

Subversion Repositories

Subversion Repositories: